Château d’Angkor La Résidence

Oum Chhay Street, Mondull II Village, Svay Dangkum Commune, Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia.

Only discovering an authentic taste of Khmer traditional food is not enough - but learning how to make it, will even make you more enjoyable. Cooking Class at Château d’Angkor La Résidence is available at reasonable price. 

INDIVIDUAL (1 - 10 pax)

White Fungus Salad with Seafood
(Served with Roasted Peanut)
Stuffed Minced Pork in Tomato
(Served with Spring Onion, Fried Garlic)
 Red Chicken Curry with Sweet Potato
River Fish Amok in Cup
Grilled King Prawns with Khmer Dip Sauce
Steamed Jasmine Rice
Pumpkins Custard 
Hot Coffee or Tea
Terms and Conditions:
- Cooking Class Fee: USD 60.00 for 1 person, USD 80.00 for 2 persons, USD 100.00 for 3 persons
USD 30.00 per person for group from 4 persons to 10 persons.
- Make reservation: 
- Advance reservations are required
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